Most-Discussed Marriage Books of 2022


While there will always be perennial favorites on the best-seller list in the Relationships / Marriage category, such as “The Five Love Languages,” by Gary Chapman, we like to see what’s new. So here are 10 of the most-discussed new marriage books of 2022.

Everybody Fights: So Why Not Get Better at It?

Authors Penn and Kim Holderness share their 10 “Fight Fails” and how to combat them. Throughout the book, they offer scripts for how to start, continue, and successfully close hard conversations.

One Washington State reviewer found the book very relatable. “We’ve been married 20 years and while we think we do a pretty good job at being married, we can always use some good advice. THIS BOOK GIVES GREAT ADVICE FROM REAL PEOPLE. What makes it so good is that Kim and Penn are so relatable.

Available at Amazon, or the Holderness’ site.

Real Life, Real Love: Life Lessons on Joy, Pain & the Magic That Holds Us Together

Raashaun “DJ Envy” and Gia Casey have been married for 20 years. In their book, they discuss their relationship through their growing celebrity, an all-too-public cheating scandal, and having six children. Remaining equals in such an environment has been a challenge they have had to face.

Pennsylvanian Sharon relates, “They were both so young and had so many issues just like other young couples but they push through it. So proud of them and so happy that they gave the public this gift. I am going to make this a marriage ministry required reading book for our church.

Available at Amazon.

Designed to Last

Ashley and Dino invite you into their home and relationship through their honest and hilarious storytelling. They share both such stories as getting engaged after only three weeks, and moving into an RV with three kids.

They are quick to say they don’t have all the answers, but they welcome you to join them as they share the struggles that come from intentionally staying committed each other.

Alexandra writes, “If you are into interior design but also are looking for some good marital/family tips, this is the book for you. I love how it was written from both Ashley and Dino’s perspectives. Their story is one I’m sure most of us can relate to, but the fact that they are so vulnerable about who they are and what they go through is very inspiring.

Available at Amazon, and the authors’ “Arrows and Bow” website.

Us: Getting Past You and Me

Terrence Real uses psychology, history, and stories of real couples who have entered his family therapist office, helps readers move beyond their traumas to shift from thinking in terms of me and you to a different consciousness. The consciousness of us.

Reviewer Fay considers it “Marriage Therapy for Dummies,” and uses it to improve her marriage of 43 years.

Available at his terryreal site and Amazon.

This Is How Your Marriage Ends

Matthew Fray is a relationship coach, writer, and coaches husbands on how to avoid divorce. He knows from his own experience, getting divorced in 2013, that “Good people can be bad at relationships. People with the best intentions in the world can still inadvertently harm their relationship partners.” So, he attempts to “help reduce all of the stuff that sucks about marriage and relationships, so that we can better enjoy all of the amazing and beautiful parts.”

One wife who read the book wrote, “I would give ANYTHING for my husband to read this book because I think he might actually understand what he’s doing before it’s too late.”

Available at Matthew Fray’s site, or Amazon.

Marriage Be Hard

Authors Kevin and Melissa Fredericks had a “traditional” relationship, high school sweethearts, were married during college, had two sons and a thriving marriage. But there’s another side of their story, which they cover in the book, and on their various media outlets. The book was written for those who think relationship books are unrealistic, and for those wondering if they’re the only ones breaking all the rules.

Loryn reviews, “The book is filled with many wonderful tools that can be used within a marriage, or for people preparing for marriage. Kevin and Melissa use their backgrounds to assist with debunking toxic practices. They are extremely vulnerable in sharing their stories to assist anyone who is married or considering marriage.

Available on Penguin Random House and Amazon.

The 80/80 Marriage

“The 80/80 Marriage: A New Model for a Happier, Stronger Relationship,” by Kaley Klemp and Nate Klemp, was born of their work as mindfulness and leadership experts. But these traits often fell to the wayside when they came home, only to end up fighting about fairness in their marriage. Their book pushes couples beyond the idea of “fairness” toward a different model based on on generosity and shared success, that calls for each spouse to contribute 80% to create the strongest possible relationship.

Reviewer Cameron describes the book, “explains how marriage has changed from an 80/20 model where the husband’s needs at home are paramount. The current 50/50 model stresses fairness and equality. But this current 50/50 model does not lead to the love, intimacy, and connection. This 50/50 division of effort is difficult to ever get and encourages rivalry as we compare things that can’t be compared (how does 3 hours of childcare compare to 3 hours of cleaning the house and doing finances?).

Next they break down how we can move towards a model of radical generosity (80/80) where we are deeply investing in each other and not getting caught up in constantly comparing and resenting each other for all of the many responsibilities in a marriage.

Available on their site 8080Marriage and Amazon.

Couples Communication Workbook

Myranda Thrussell’s workbook provides you with 26 useful exercises, that helps you improve your communication and:

  • Understand importance of communication your relationships
  • Learn how to communicate using both words and body language
  • Improve your communication skills during conflict
  • Bring intimacy into your relationship

Reviewer Eric felt that “the book draws the reader into a safe environment from which to explore emotions, both individually and as a couple. I felt like the author was there to guide us through the many challenging questions and scenarios.

Available at Amazon.

No Crowns in the Castle

Fantasia and Kendall Taylor’s, “No Crowns in the Castle: Building a Strong Relationship and a Harmonious Life” discusses those things that affect many relationships, including submitting to one another, handling conflict, clearing the lines of communication, keeping the romance alive, and navigating the challenges of a blended family.

Fantasia was the winner of the 3rd season of American Idol in 2004, when she was just 19. Her song, “I Believe,” opened at No. 1 on the Billboard 100. Kendall is a “self-educated black man,” having no formal education beyond the 10th grade. He overcame obstacles in his life and remains intentional about the development of young men.

In the book, the Taylors’ goal is to move their readers beyond the mindset that marriage isn’t possible, it isn’t for you, it’s too hard, or it’s not worth the risk even to dream of getting married or to engage in the effort to make your marriage work.

Reviewer Toyia wrote, “It’s definitely a page turner and I love the back and forth dialogue. It’s time for us to embody our reality while allowing others to see how God works behind the scenes. Relationships should be about servitude and we can’t fully serve others when we’re too busy trying to be served.

Available at Amazon.

The Second Happy

Marcia and Kevin Myers, along with Charlie Wetzel, wrote, “The Second Happy: Seven Practices to Make Your Marriage Better Than Your Honeymoon.” They ask, “Can an unhappy marriage really get back to being happy? Can it be truly and authentically happy–even better than it was at first?” The Myers, married for 37 years through nearly every challenge a couple can face, emphatically answer, “Yes.”

They recommend ways to sustain and strengthen your marriage:

  • Breaking the quit cycle
  • Picking a fair fight so both people can win
  • Keeping disagreements from getting out of control
  • Removing pretense from your relationship

Reviewer John thought it is, “Great advice from a couple who value and understand the impact a healthy and unhealthy marriage can have.

Available at Amazon.

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