Why do we need your personal information? (California)

The courts require some of your personal information (such as address or phone number) in order to be able to reach you, or your attorney if you have one, if there are any problems with your forms, or to let you know about your case.

From https://www.courts.ca.gov

When you have a case in court, you must always keep the court updated with any changes in your address or phone number (or your name, if you change your name). If the court does not have your most current address, you will miss important court notices. Also, once a case is going, a party can usually serve the other party by mail at the address of record with the court. If your address with the court is outdated, you will also miss important papers filed by the other side in your case. You could lose important rights.

So, in order to keep the court updated, whenever your address changes, you must file an official court form called a Notice of Change of Address (Form MC-040PDF file type icon) with the court.

  1. Fill out a Notice of Change of Address (Form MC-040PDF file type icon) and make 2 copies.
  2. Have a third person (NOT you) at last 18 years old mail 1 of the copies to the other side in the case. If the other side has a lawyer, it can be mailed to the lawyer. If there is more than 1 other party, have your server mail a copy to every party.
  3. Have your server fill out the back of the original of the Notice of Change of Address (Form MC-040PDF file type icon), which is the Proof of Service. Make sure your server indicates to whom the Notice of Change of Address (Form MC-040) was sent, to what address, and when. Your server also has to sign this form and then return the original to you.
  4. Make 1 more copy of the original of the Notice of Change of Address, and this time making sure you also copy the filled out Proof of Service on page 2.
  5. Take the original and your copy to the court and file it with the clerk. The clerk will keep the original, stamp your copy “Filed,” and return it to you.

Mark Streich

Mark is one of the cofounders of SquareFairy, dedicated to helping struggling couples move forward, so they can rediscover the joy in their lives.